Best practices towards eliminating the gender pay gap form the subject of a tripartite conference organised by the Department of Labour Relations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. The event will draw together representatives from employers’ and workers’ organisations and government officials from the Member States of the European Union. Throughout the conference participants will have the opportunity to discuss in plenary sessions and specially tailored workshops a range of issues relevant to the main theme and to highlight those practices and measures which can be emulated and disseminated across a wide range of organisations, public and private, in Europe. The workshops are thematically organised around four perspectives dealing, respectively, with (i) occupational segregation; (ii) job classification/evaluation; (iii) enforcement and sanctions, and (iv) social dialogue.

Representatives from the EU institutions, the ILO, the European Institute for Gender Equality, together with experts in the different topics and key persons and organisations in promoting best practices in the field have been invited to introduce the various subjects, participate in panel debates and monitor the discussions.

The event comes under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union and forms part of the actions to be taken in the labour and social field with a view to meeting the objectives set by the Presidency. It is organised under the scope of the project “Actions to reduce the wage gap between men and women”, which is co-financed by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Social Fund.

The conference will take place at Grand Resort hotel in Limassol, Cyprus on 29–30 October 2012.


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